One Pan Honey Mustard Chicken and Vegetables

A lively, one-dish turn on the exemplary basics supper, our honey-mustard chicken and vegetables makes for a super-simple, sound weeknight dinner.

Simple Dinner Trick #1: Use What You’ve Got

This heated honey mustard chicken formula is one of those mystical one-container suppers that we frequently end up making when we’re late for an excursion to the supermarket. Utilizing fixings we’ve quite often got around—potatoes (they keep going forever so we like to load up), chicken bosom, Dijon mustard—we’re ready to throw together a fast and solid supper that will crush out another prior day we must face the store once more. Also, isn’t that simply the best inclination?

Simple Dinner Trick #2: Drizzle Honey Mustard Sauce on Everything.

Dijon mustard has that ideal mustard seed heat, and brilliant, crude honey is an optimal foil—together they make the universes’ most prominent, pour-on-everything dressing! Our honey mustard sauce for chicken is surprisingly fundamental, and that is only the manner in which we like it. It changes this basic supper of chicken bosom, potatoes and green beans into an appetizing, delicious one-container supper deserving of a French bistro. In addition, this very yummy honey mustard sauce is made with fixings you’ve presumably consistently got in your refrigerator and storage space. All you’ll require is:

Dijon mustard. Acknowledge no substitutes! Mustards differ a great deal, and Dijon mustard is most certainly the mustard you need to use for this sauce. We love its confident mustard-y hotness, and complex character. Save that all-American yellow mustard for summer wieners.

Honey. We make this formula utilizing crude honey, since it’s what we have at home. In any case, any honey you have around will turn out great.



Apple juice vinegar. This is discretionary, yet we love the slight acidic chomp it adds to the sauce.

Instructions to Make This Magical One-Pan Chicken

Honey mustard chicken and potatoes, in three super-quick advances. The entire thing takes about an hour beginning to end, yet the majority of that is dormant time—simply trusting that the stove will do something amazing.

Whisk together the honey-mustard sauce!

Cook the potatoes, shallots and rosemary until the potatoes are beginning to soften.

Add the chicken, spoon some sauce over it, and prepare until the chicken is finished!

Apparatuses You’ll Need

Like any incredible one-dish chicken supper formula, this prepared honey mustard chicken doesn’t need a lot of you! You’ll require:

A braiser or stove safe baking dish.

A little bowl to stir up the honey-mustard dressing.

Sharp blade and cutting board, as usual.

Did Somebody Say “Give Me All The One-Pan Chicken Recipes, Please”?

Throughout the long term, we have conversed with such countless home cooks who are looking for scrumptious, low upkeep, somewhat quality food to get ready for their families, on the grounds that ultimately foodies grow up and have children and still need to eat. One-container chicken is one of our extremely most loved dinnertime moves, and these six plans assist with keeping that straightforward recipe (chicken + vegetables + one skillet) feeling new and fascinating.

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