lo Mein in 15 minute

15 Minute Lo Mein! Made with just soy sauce, sesame oil, a spot of sugar, ramen noodles or spaghetti noodles, and any veggies or protein you like. SO YUMMY!


Hel-lo-lo-mein! This 15-minute miracle is totally my new go-to for a speedy Asian noodle pan sear. Lo Mein FTW!

White hand getting Lo Mein noodles in a container with utensils.


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I made this formula for supper around evening time! It was delectable and inconceivably simple. It’s certainly going into the weeknight supper turn. Much obliged!

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If it’s not too much trouble, let me know you all eat, love, and are by and large acquainted with Lo Mein.

Possibly you are a Panda Buffet ordinary and you know Lo Mein, yet individuals at Panda know YOU when you stroll in the entryway and they burn through no time heaping high your little plastic plate with many scoops of those sautéed noodles while you watch a little defensively from the opposite side of the glass, on the grounds that would they be able to have given you a greater scoop as they did last time? come on puhleeeease.

or on the other hand possibly you for the most part know Lo Mein from your growing up days since uplifting news, kids! mother and father are requesting Chinese takeout around evening time (yasssss) and minimal pre-youngster you is without a doubt going to eat your weight in pungent Asian noodles and afterward return to it in the refrigerator, cool, just before bed, amiright?

Or then again perhaps you’ve never had Lo Mein and you’re giving most of all the look at this moment. I hear you, sitting high up there, saying that you could never eat cold takeout noodles just before bed. There is judgment in your heart. You believe you’re not into this entire sautéed noodles and vegetables thing. In which case:

It’s the ideal opportunity for you to get Lo Mein in your life, companions. This is your enormous day. We’ve all been hanging tight for you. Welcome to your Lo Mein intercession!

Truly, WHO EVEN KNEW how simple it very well may be to make Lo Mein at home? What’s more, as a follow up to those of you who did definitely know, WHY DIDN’T YOU EVEN TELL ME?

In This Post: What You Need To Know About Lo Mein

Instructions to Make Lo Mein

Much of the time Asked Questions About Lo Mein

What Goes in Lo Mein Sauce

Choices for Lo Mein Noodles

WATCH How to Make Lo Mein

Utensils getting Lo Mein noodles.

Indeed, You Can Make Homemade Lo Mein!

Until about fourteen days prior, I in every case recently accepted that this was some sort of extended interaction including strangely heavenly fixings that I wouldn’t have in my standard Midwestern kitchen, and in addition, did you realize that you can get a platter of Lo Mein adequately huge to take care of the neighborhood for only $6.50 at the Panda Buffet? So for what reason would we even do this at home? I’m not kidding – we should go.

But hold the telephone for simply a sec.

Making Lo Mein is certainly not an extensive cycle – it will meet up in ONE PAN in something like 15 minutes, beginning to end. Delight of JOYS. I truly had no clue about when I set off to find out pretty much everything Lo Mein that it would be such a jewel of a speedy + simple formula, and not in the way where you’re holding back on anything. Just ordinarily, it is just straightforward.

Lo Mein doesn’t need extravagant or uncommon fixings. Like, by any stretch of the imagination. A quality soy sauce and sesame oil combo is essentially it. That is your Lo Mein enchantment not too far off. Seriously – only one jug of good soy sauce and you’re in Lo Mein business. That is to say, nearly everybody, regardless their cooking level is, has a container of soy sauce in their cooler, correct? or on the other hand at any rate, a couple of PACKETS of soy sauce from extra takeout? You realize I see you out there.

Lastly, Lo Mein is amazing as takeout, however it’s more marvelous as a generally sound takeout at home dish that can at the same time wipe out the ice chest by spending all possible veggies and proteins that an individual might at any point need in their velvety sautéed noodles. The satisfaction I feel for this idea… like wows. You don’t have the foggiest idea. Formula crudeness satisfies a piece of my spirit.


What sort of noodles do you suggest?

These ones here are awesome! (partner interface)

Are lo mein noodles without gluten?

Conventional lo mein noodles are made with wheat, so they are not gluten free. Go ahead and sub in rice noodles or your cherished GF spaghetti noodles to make this without gluten!

For what reason did you utilize two unique kinds of soy sauce?

It adds more profundity and flavor to the dish – particularly the dull soy sauce. Strongly suggest utilizing both on the off chance that you can track down them. If not, ordinary soy sauce can generally work.

What is mirin?

Mirin is a sort of rice wine. It adds a better character, which is a truly magnificent difference to the pungency from the soy sauce here.

The most effective method to Make This Lo Mein

We’re talking three simple tasks for flawlessness:

Stir up your sauce.

Cook your noodles

Throw it all along with your additional items (veg, protein, green onions) in a hot skillet or wok.

You can utilize practically any vegetables as well as protein.

Thoughts: chime pepper, carrots, spinach, child bok choy, mushrooms, snow peas, onions, cabbage, broccoli. /Chicken, shrimp, eggs, meat (like flank steak), pork, tofu.

Game on.

White bowl loaded up with vegetables for Lo Mein.

What Goes In This Easy Lo Mein Sauce

The sauce.

You really want a decent soy sauce, and I HIGHLY suggest the 2-sorts of-soy-sauce stunt. It’s not actually a stunt however much it is something small that has a major effect. All things considered, you have light or low sodium soy sauce in your cooler, however tip alert: dull soy sauce is so rich in umami flavor and it takes this Lo Mein “sauce” circumstance to an unheard of level.

Since the nature of soy sauce is significant here (I mean, one of in a real sense THREE fixings will make the sauce for your sautéed noodles), I didn’t utilize soy sauce parcels from extra takeout.

I utilized this light soy sauce/dull soy sauce combo. (<–partner joins for items on Amazon).

Stir that up in a container with a fast hit of sesame oil and a touch of sugar. annnnd DONE.

White hand pouring soy sauce on noodles in container.

We should Talk About Lo Mein Noodles

Then, at that point, there’s the noodles.

You could utilize new Lo Mein noodles in the event that you can think that it is new or frozen at your supermarket. I was unable to track down it at any of my normal spots, so in its place I have utilized either dry ramen assuming you can track down it (as long as you’re hitting up Amazon for the soy sauce, get a container of this ramen, as well) or potentially standard spaghetti.

… Is that profanation to Lo Mein? to utilize spaghetti?

I don’t have a clue, I’m thinking we both consideration more with regards to reasonableness than absolute and complete credibility.

Continue and do what you really want to do.

On the off chance that you’re without gluten, you can utilize rice noodles or your cherished sans gluten spaghetti noodle.

White hand getting noodles in a dish with a tong.

Also, in a speedy blaze of the skillet, with the sauce and the noodles and the veggies all celebrating it up in there, we’ve arrived at the very highest point of the Lo Mein venture. The part where you wrap those plush noodles up on a fork with a couple of bits of caramelized seared veggies and indulge yourself right.

Simple Homemade Lo Mein, comin in hot!

White hands holding a bowl of Lo Mein. Bowl has a fork in it.

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Lo Mein in dish with utensils.

15 Minute Lo Mein

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Complete TIME: 20 minutes YIELD: 4 1x



15 Minute Lo Mein! Made with just soy sauce, sesame oil, a touch of sugar, ramen noodles or spaghetti noodles, and any veggies or protein you like. SO YUMMY!







2 tablespoons dull soy sauce (sub customary soy sauce if necessary)

1 tablespoon light soy sauce (sub normal soy sauce if necessary)

1 teaspoon sesame oil

1 teaspoon sugar

Lo Mein:

4–6 ounces uncooked ramen noodles

1 tablespoon sesame oil

3 green onions, hacked (separate green parts from white parts – you’ll utilize both independently)

2–3 cups julienne cut or cleaved vegetables like carrots, red peppers, cabbage, bok choy, mushrooms, or broccoli

1–2 tablespoons mirin

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